Why You Need To Clean Carpets Regularly

You are probably not even aware, but the single dirtiest thing in your home may actually appear to be clean every time you look at it. You walk on it. You play with your kids on it. You relax in it. You guessed it, it’s the carpet that covers your entire home. Nothing in your house collects more dust, more pollens, more allergens than the carpet in your home.


For this simple reason alone, you should have your carpets in your home professionally steam cleaned at least twice a year. You see, vacuuming alone doesn’t get rid of all that dust, pollen, allergens, and other debris that is buried deep into the fibers of your carpet. By no means, does this mean you should neglect the weekly vacuuming you should continue to be doing, but steam cleaning your carpets two times a year is the best thing you can do for your carpet?

Steam cleaning carpets help break down the deep down dirt that goes deep into the layers of your carpet. When dirt gets deep into the fibers of your carpet they begin to act as a sort of sandpaper that grinds away at the glue and gels that connect the actual fiber to the underlining part of the carpet that it connects to. The longer you wait to really penetrate the fibers with a professional steam cleaning vacuum the more dirt and grim will settle in. The more that stuff settles in, and the more walking, running, playing, and all the other activities that you do on your carpet, the more it starts to break it up and actually loosen up the fibers. This, of course, leads to carpets being ruined sooner than their intended lifespan.

Another huge reason to clean your carpet regularly is due to the fact that the carpet in the home basically becomes a gigantic air filter in the home. It collects dust, pollen, allergens and believe it or not, the dead skin cells that come off of your body. Amazingly, the vast majority of the dust that piles up on furniture is actually the dead skin cells off of the bodies of the people living in the home. It is disgusting, but a real fact of life. Nature, in all of its amazing wonder, has, of course, thought up of a solution. It created little critters called dust mites.

Dust mites are a microscopic organism that feeds on the skin cells that fall off of our bodies. Oh, and these things are everywhere. They are on your carpet, your clothes, your sheets and blankets on your bed, and on your bed eating away while you sleep! As gross as that may sound it really isn’t that bad. They are naturally there and for 99.9% of human beings, they do no harm whatsoever to them.

There is a small percentage that can become allergic to them, or it may seem that way. What that small percentage of people become allergic to is actually the feces that these little buggers drop off! Isn’t that just gross!? It is what it is!

It is what it is!

The best way to combat this is by simply steam cleaning your carpets on a regular basis to lower the number of dust mites that breed in it. You will never get rid of all of them. They are actually needed. But minimizing the number that breed will help those that have allergic reactions to them

These are just some of the reasons you should clean your carpet about 2 times a year by a professional carpet cleaner.

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Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Nice & Tidy – For Morning People

Keeping your home nice and tidy is really not all that difficult to do. All you have to do is start to create some habitual normal everyday habits. And all you have to do is start with little things. Once you start the little things with keeping your home nice and tidy bigger and larger projects are easier to tackle and take care of. So here’s a quick list of some tips that you can do to keep your house nice and tidy before you head off to work every morning. Set an extra 15 minutes aside every morning and you should be able to get this done.

Making your bed every morning is a great habit to get started with. Nothing starts your day off better than knowing you have a clean crisp made the bed when you come home at night. There is a huge reason why the military is extremely strict on soldiers making their beds every morning. It creates discipline and structure. It also builds up a great deal of pride. Not only that, when you really sit there and think about it, it should only take you about 2 to 3 minutes to get it done. So as soon as you jump out of bed, take the time to make it before you jump into the shower.

Number two – Wash Your Dishes

Once you’re in the kitchen eating breakfast and getting things ready to go to work, load up your dishwasher with all of your dirty dishes. Clean out the sink and hand wash any dishes that did not fit in the dishwasher. Clean out your sink and fire up the dishwasher so all of your dishes are nice and clean when you get home from work. Nothing feels greater than coming home to eat dinner and cook up a meal on nice clean pots and pans.

Number three – Take Out Your Trash

Here’s an easy one, take out your trash. Look every morning at every trash can in your home and see if they need to be thrown out. If you follow this routine every day then you probably won’t have much to throw out. Grab the tiny trash out of your bathroom, your bedroom, and throw it all in with the kitchen garbage. Take out the trash, set up a new cartridge bag, and you’re good to go. This is always a great idea since sometimes garbage can start to stink up your house if you leave it in there too long.

Number four – Get Rid Of All Your Junk Mail

This probably goes hand-in-hand step number 3. Every day that you come home you probably check your mailbox and inside every mailbox in the United States of America, it is absolutely loaded with junk mail. One of the worst habits we all have is that we bringing this junk mail and set it on the coffee table or kitchen table. We tend to let it start to pile up and before you know it you got a mountain of junk mail you got to go through. So every day, go through all of your mail and quickly discard all junk mail and all mail that you don’t need anymore. This starts to create a great habit.

So those are some quick and simple steps you can start to take to keep your home nice and tidy every morning before you head off to work. Now, these steps are designed for those individuals that consider themselves to be “morning people”. If you are not a morning person and more of a night owl then all you have to do is to sort of following these steps in reverse. Except, of course, making your bed. Until next time, keep where you live nice and tidy.

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Common Misconceptions about House Cleaning Services

What motivates you to do what you do? What motivates you to seek professional services? The truth of the matter is that there are different reasons as to why we choose to hire professional home cleaning services. The obvious reason is usually to ensure our homes remain tidy and neat. The difference lies in the motivation. It’s important to note that people have incorrect notions and perceptions about professional home cleaning companies.

You’ll get to hear many things about these professionals and their service. Probably there’s something you heard from a friend, and it has been keeping you away from hiring home cleaning services for a couple of years now. You know that your home needs to be cleaned by professionals, but you’ve been hesitant all this time due to some of the reasons listed below. It’s time you learned the truth and started enjoying the benefits of working with a professional cleaning service. Here are the common myths you’ll hear about home cleaning companies.

Hiring a Professional Home Cleaning Service is Costly

If you were to start counting or taking statistics of the number of home cleaning companies out there today, you’d be surprised. We have many cleaning companies offering professional home cleaning services. You’ll find different companies offering services at varying prices. Some will charge you high while other surprisingly low. It all depends on the quality of service being offered. Note that there are other companies that wait to scam on unsuspecting customers. If you want to get professional and quality home cleaning services at a reasonable cost, do your research well. Get recommendations or search the internet and see reviews. Get it right in your research.

My Valuable Items Will Be Broken or Go Missing

A friend might have hired the wrong professionals who ended up getting away with her valuables or even breaking some of them. As mentioned. You must hire a reputable home cleaning company if you want to get quality services and safeguard your home. Remember these companies rely on their reputation, and there’s no way they’ll mess up with your property or valuables. A reputable company will provide you with insurance and a money-back guarantee to ensure everything works out fine without damaging your items.

Home Cleaners Use Toxic Cleaning Products

In most cases, such statements will come from someone who was either scammed or hired someone who purported to be a home cleaner. Professional home cleaners use eco-friendly options for cleaning homes, and they won’t damage your property. They can also use your preferred product if you want.

Home Cleaning Companies Usually Cut Corners

This may sound true for those who hired freelancing cleaners. As already highlighted, all you need to do is to hire the right individual for the job. Once you’ve hired the person, provide him with a cleaning checklist to ensure every area is cleaned well to your satisfaction. It’s important that you discuss in detail what you need.

Home Cleaning Services are Meant for Lazy People and is a Luxury

Hiring professional services has nothing to do with luxury. When there’s an electrical fault in your home, you’ll need to look for an electrician. When you need your home deep cleaned, look for a professional cleaning service. That’s how it works. Understand that there’s nothing luxurious about having a professional clean your home. It’s also has nothing to do with being lazy. Your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to clean your home properly. That where professionals come in to help.