Cleaning Behind Your Range or Oven

There are a few places in your house where you really can’t get down to do some real deep cleaning. Go ahead name a spot for me? There are so few that you could probably count them on one hand. You know, things like the windows and window sills, dryer vents, rain gutters, and a place you don’t really put too much thought into. And that is behind your range or oven.

So here, we’re gonna go through a simple process to clean behind your gas range.

First Thing To Cleaning Behind Your Stove

The very first thing you gotta realize is that pulling out your range is really not all that difficult to do. It’s weird. There are a bunch of people that think that a stove or range is just pretty much “set” in its spot. They think it can’t or doesn’t move. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can move that bad boy outta there anytime you please! they’re designed to move out with ease! All you have to worry about is to make sure is not set into a groove on the floor. Some kitchens have a slight cut out for the range but for the most part, they set the level to the rest of the kitchen floor.

Just get down on your knees to look down there and see what’s cooking down there. They got feet just like a washer. So your first step to cleaning behind your range or oven is to simply pull it out. Don’t worry about the gas line behind it. 99% of them have a flexible supply line that will kinda look like an accordion. Again, it’s designed to pull out.

Once You Pull Out Your Range Or Oven, Unplug and Disconnect

Once you realize that you can pull it out, pull it out enough to unplug the power. You will see a valve for the gas line, switch it off. Bust out your toolbox and dig through till you find the needed sized wrench and unscrew the gas hook up. Now you can pull it out all the way! That open area is wide open to work and clean up!

Get ready! you’re going to see some nasty, nasty stuff up against the wall and down the sides of where the range sits. Things like pancake batter, old scrambled eggs, grease and grime and things you cooked up back when you started up that vegetarian diet. It’s gonna be a mess! But hey, ain’t that why we’re pulling it out and cleaning? Let’s get cleaning!

Get Your Cleaning Supplies Ready

The first thing you’ll need to do is grab a broom and get sweeping. The first thing you’re going to want to do is to grab up all of the large debris and crud that’s been sitting under for God knows how long. Next, use every cleaning chemical you can use to spray up along the three walls you have to clean. Use degreasers, bleach cleaners, sponges, rags, and paper towels to scrub and clean everything you can. You might be there a while but it ain’t no big deal. You won’t have to get back there and clean for around a year or so after that.

Time To Get Things Hooked Back Up

Can you believe that there are services that charge $150 to $200 for what you just did? What I mean is, pulling out and disconnecting a range from a wall and setting another one in its place, except you’re just putting the old one right back. You’re a freaking pro now!

Now that the old range spot is sparkling clean, it’s time to put the range back and hook it all up. Slide it slowly back to its spot but not all the way. Use some Teflon tape to reapply it to the threading of the gas line. Use the same wrench you used before to screw the gas line back on. Turn on the gas line. Use a little bit of soapy water and a sponge to spread a little of it on the valve to make sure there are no leaks. Usually, you can smell it, but use this to make sure. Pug it back in and push it all the way back. That’s it! That’s all there is to learn how to clean behind your range or oven. Like I said earlier after you do it once, you probably won’t have to clean it for about a year or so.

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Susan Rice has been cleaning homes for over 20 years. She's run full-sized crews and also done cleaning services as a solo person. She's put up this blog to aid those who want to keep things clean with practical and simple tips learned over a long period of years.
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