Why You Need To Clean Carpets Regularly

You are probably not even aware, but the single dirtiest thing in your home may actually appear to be clean every time you look at it. You walk on it. You play with your kids on it. You relax in it. You guessed it, it’s the carpet that covers your entire home. Nothing in your house collects more dust, more pollens, more allergens than the carpet in your home.


For this simple reason alone, you should have your carpets in your home professionally steam cleaned at least twice a year. You see, vacuuming alone doesn’t get rid of all that dust, pollen, allergens, and other debris that is buried deep into the fibers of your carpet. By no means, does this mean you should neglect the weekly vacuuming you should continue to be doing, but steam cleaning your carpets two times a year is the best thing you can do for your carpet?

Steam cleaning carpets help break down the deep down dirt that goes deep into the layers of your carpet. When dirt gets deep into the fibers of your carpet they begin to act as a sort of sandpaper that grinds away at the glue and gels that connect the actual fiber to the underlining part of the carpet that it connects to. The longer you wait to really penetrate the fibers with a professional steam cleaning vacuum the more dirt and grim will settle in. The more that stuff settles in, and the more walking, running, playing, and all the other activities that you do on your carpet, the more it starts to break it up and actually loosen up the fibers. This, of course, leads to carpets being ruined sooner than their intended lifespan.

Another huge reason to clean your carpet regularly is due to the fact that the carpet in the home basically becomes a gigantic air filter in the home. It collects dust, pollen, allergens and believe it or not, the dead skin cells that come off of your body. Amazingly, the vast majority of the dust that piles up on furniture is actually the dead skin cells off of the bodies of the people living in the home. It is disgusting, but a real fact of life. Nature, in all of its amazing wonder, has, of course, thought up of a solution. It created little critters called dust mites.

Dust mites are a microscopic organism that feeds on the skin cells that fall off of our bodies. Oh, and these things are everywhere. They are on your carpet, your clothes, your sheets and blankets on your bed, and on your bed eating away while you sleep! As gross as that may sound it really isn’t that bad. They are naturally there and for 99.9% of human beings, they do no harm whatsoever to them.

There is a small percentage that can become allergic to them, or it may seem that way. What that small percentage of people become allergic to is actually the feces that these little buggers drop off! Isn’t that just gross!? It is what it is!

It is what it is!

The best way to combat this is by simply steam cleaning your carpets on a regular basis to lower the number of dust mites that breed in it. You will never get rid of all of them. They are actually needed. But minimizing the number that breed will help those that have allergic reactions to them

These are just some of the reasons you should clean your carpet about 2 times a year by a professional carpet cleaner.

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Susan Rice has been cleaning homes for over 20 years. She's run full-sized crews and also done cleaning services as a solo person. She's put up this blog to aid those who want to keep things clean with practical and simple tips learned over a long period of years.
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